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The Trickster(s)

Despite how it might look, the team photo is more about honesty than narcissism.

When Gordon started Sneakytrick in 2003, everyone’s advice was to make it look as if there was a large team working behind the scenes. ‘More reassuring’ was a favourite phrase used. This led to the adoption of three stock illustrations being used to depict the team.

Fifteen years down the line with the number of Sneakytrick clients reaching around one hundred, it was pointed out that now might be the time to reveal that Sneakytrick was one person.

At Sneakytrick, it really is a personal service. We won’t outsource your project to foreign climes, guaranteeing that the person you contact is the person building your website. We sometimes work on projects with other designers. if this is the case we will let you know who they are and are delighted to give them joint credit for the work. Our team photo is the work of David Chalmers Photography.

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The Sneakymobile

You may have spotted this little car out on the roads around North Yorkshire or farther afield.

It’s sneakily affordable to run and like our websites offers value for money.

We don’t have a flashy office either as it would mean bumping up our prices unneccesarily.

If you are local, we can arrange to visit your premises or we can meet at Woodend Creative which has a variety of meeting spaces available for our use.