What We Offer

Design - Hosting - Audit - Backup - Domains - SSL


We build every website using ‘Content Management System’ software that makes it easier for our clients, if they wish, to update both text and images on their own websites.

We use either ‘Joomla’ or ‘WordPress’ as a framework depending on the requirements of the job. They are the most popular CMS available and are used to run millions of websites around the world for businesses both large and small.


If you already have a web presence but it’s looking a bit tired or you would like the ability to easily update it yourself then a ‘recycled website’ is possibly what you need.

We can set you up with a ‘Content Management’ site and use the text and images you currently have as content for the new site.


We’re happy to make minor text changes to clients’ websites for free. For more extensive alterations, we offer a reasonable hourly rate.

A few of our current clients require regular monthly changes to both site content and imagery so we also offer a complete website management service including software and content updates.


Our sites are hosted on solid-state drive servers in the UK and the annual hosting fee for most websites works out at less than £1.00 per week. We also include an SSL certificate and a number of email accounts for that price!

Already got hosting?

If your current hosting fees are higher please get in touch, we might be able to offer a more affordable option.


We offer both domain registration (if you don’t already have a domain or need another) and domain transfers (if you would like us to control the domain on your behalf). We always register domains in the client’s name (unless requested to do otherwise) and do not charge for transferring your domain away from our control.

Be aware that some developers may request an unnecessary fee before they will transfer your domain elsewhere.


Website security is something every business needs to think about regardless of size. For your peace of mind, all of our new sites include 12 months’ worth of security audits. Sites are checked regularly for signs of hacking and any problems found are dealt with as priority. After your initial year, you can either choose to control the security audits yourself or we carry on with them on your behalf for a small fee.


As with the security audits mentioned above, your website should be backed up regularly so that it may be restored easily if necessary. This is also something that we include as a weekly service on all new sites for 12 months. Again, after your initial year, you can either choose to control the site backups yourself or we can continue with them on your behalf for a small fee.