Sneakily affordable websites…without the waffle

Design & Management

We build websites that allow our clients to update their own sites but we are happy to offer a sensibly priced monthly management option if required.

Hosting & Domains

All of our sites are hosted on UK solid state drive servers. Our annual hosting fee works out at less than £1 per week. Need a domain? We also offer low-cost domain registration or renewal.

Site Audits & Backups

If your website is based on either Joomla CMS or WordPress (most of ours are), we can now offer a security audit and site backup support plan for both systems.


Established in 2003, SNEAKYTRICK is based in Britain’s first seaside resort, Scarborough. We’ve built websites for an award-winning comic book writer – a truly scrumptious Italian restaurant – sundry photographers – a couple of festivals – an ever-increasing number of local and not-so-local hotels, guest houses and pubs – and a bestselling author, to name but a few. This means two things for your website. First, we have a vast amount of experience to draw on. Second – and  just as importantly – we are never short of ideas. We’re best at two things. Designing websites – and understanding clients. Before anything else, we’ll talk. About you, your business, where your website fits in and what you want it to achieve.

No waffle

Many website designers/agencies like to do things because they can do them – not because you need them. Net result? Your website takes far longer to produce than it should and it costs you twice as much as it should (or more).

If all you need is a simple site, that’s fine. we’ll tell you. Then we’ll design you a simple site and charge you accordingly. If you need something more complex, that’s fine as well. It’ll take longer and it’ll cost more, but if that’s what your business needs, that’s what we’ll design.

What else? You get common sense and you get language you understand. We hate jargon as much as you do. Here’s another thing. We love to drink coffee. So if you’d like to discuss your website – planned or current – give us a call or send us an e-mail. We’ll be happy to ring back or meet and chat through ideas. If you like what we’ve got to say, that’s great. If not, at least you’ll have topped up your caffeine level…

What Our Clients Say…